What We Do

pallet-clean-pailsHDPE plastic containers, such as those used to transport fruit and other perishables, must meet strict standards in order to ensure freshness, quality, and safety.

Our parent company, Ennis Trucking, has been dealing with HDPE containers for over 35 years; it would be fair to say that we know HDPE inside and out. We start by purchasing containers from local bakeries, fruit processors, etc. and transport them to our 14,500 square foot facility in Traverse City. Our state of the art “bucket washer” is designed to thoroughly clean the containers for re-use.

Any containers that do not meet our strict standards for cleanliness, along with any damaged containers, are recycled. Our plastic grinder chews up the sub-par containers and turns them into plastic granules which can then start their new life as regrind for injection molding processes.

We clean over 390,000 containers annually and in 2015, we manufactured 630,000 lbs of grind and sold over 75,000 reusable containers. Whether you are looking to purchase grind, find a source for four gallon square pails with lids, or unload your HDPE containers; Ennis Recycling and Grinding Inc is your one stop HDPE shop!